The Y: We’re for Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.


The Berkshire Family YMCA is especially proud to provide Supervised Visits and Supervised Exchanges for area families.

Our goal is to provide families with a positive, healthy environment in which to interact, offering them a place where family vulnerability to violence and trauma will be reduced. Families come to us through court orders or families have mutually agreed to have supervised visitations and exchanges.

Types of Services:

  • Supervised exchanges provide for the exchange of child(ren) from one parent to the other without the parents having contact with each other.
  • Supervised visitations provide a safe option for non-custodial parties to visit with their child(ren).


Please contact the Supervised Visits/Family Reunification Manager for fees.


  • Gym: basketball, soccer, kickball, football, etc.
  • Play Room & Visitation Lobby: coloring, toys, eating, reading, talking, coloring, puzzles, etc.

*All activities are dependent upon the various schedules of each area. Please notify the Visitation Supervisor of your desired plan.*

About Visitation and Exchange Staff Members:

All visitation/exchange supervisors have backgrounds in social work, psychology, sociology, criminal justice, or human relations, and are trained to deal with issues concerning families in crisis. Visitation staff are informed of the confidentiality policy and sign a waiver stating the same. Any breach of this policy will result in the dismissal of the visitation/exchange supervisor.