If you pay your dues monthly via EFT by credit card or bank draft, you may temporarily suspend/hold your membership without dues—for a minimum of one month and a maximum of three consecutive months during a one calendar-year period. Memberships paid in full for the year may not be placed on hold. A membership placed on hold in the middle of the month, then released in the middle of a month with be charged a full month's dues for the month when the hold is released.

EXAMPLE: Request to hold for 1 Month to begin on January 19. Hold scheduled to release on February 18. Member pays for January dues charged to account on January 1 and draft per schedule on the 15th of January, although the membership is on hold for a portion of each month. February dues would not be charged.

EXAMPLE: Request to hold for 3 Months to begin on January 1. Hold scheduled to release on April 1. Member does not pay dues for January, February, or March. On April 1, the membership dues are charged to the account and drafted according to schedule.