Baby & Me Playtime at our Northern Berkshire branch!

Being a parent is the most important job you will ever have. It is unbelievably rewarding, amazing and breathtaking, but it can also be exhausting, stressful and, at times, lonely! As a parent it is important to make connections with other moms or dads and continue to feel like part of a community. A great way to do that is through Baby & Me Playtime at the Y hosted by our Northern Berkshire branch!


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When you give to the Y, you’re doing your part to strengthen our community—and a strong community is good for everyone. Whether you’re helping a child in need attend swim lessons, giving someone the assistance they need to make a healthy change in their life or contributing to the construction of a new Y facility, your gift will let us continue to affect positive change in our region.

It’s become a family in the water aerobics class … I find that it’s peaceful, energetic. … Everyone knows everyone and cares for everyone. - Senior Cancer Survivor
Water Aerobics Family for Cancer Survivor
I don’t know what I would have done without the Y supporting us.
Melissa and Blake
I’m grateful to the YMCA for helping my son learn how to channel his energy in a positive way while also making it affordable for me through the financial assistance program. Thank you to the special coaches!
Parent of teenager seeking out more positive social environments due to the Y.
You can’t expect to jump from the ground floor to the 50th. The Y has people that can help, and if you put in the work and don’t cheat yourself, you will get there.
Heading off to the Air Force
The Y gives us a safe place for our children while we are working hard to provide for our family. They are so happy and learning so much. We are so grateful for the Y!
Parents of Abel and Diego



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