Attention Schoolage Program Parents/Guardians:

As you are aware the Pittsfield Public Schools will be closed for the next two weeks. We will be providing care for Children enrolled in our program at our Downtown Pittsfield Facility. Our hours of operation will be Monday thru Friday from 6:30am-6:00pm.

We are asking that if your child has a fever, or a cough, or just isn’t feeling well that you keep them home. If your child presents these symptoms during their time with us, you will be notified to come and get your child. We are asking that all children who develop these symptoms please keep them out for 48 hours until symptom free.

Due to the large number of schoolage participants and a limited number of spots due to our state license, we ask that you contact the Y to confirm if your child will be participating in the program during this 2-week closing. Please contact the welcome desk at 413-499-7650 x. 110 to reserve your spot.

If you child plans to attend the program, please send them with a lunch, swimsuit, and towel.


Laurie Vanuni

Childcare Director

March 13th, 2020