An important message from Jessica Rumlow, CEO/Executive Director:

"The Y is the place where you make friends, feel supported, watch your children grow up, have an ally in the face of the most challenging times in your life … a place of comfort and reassurance … a family.

When times are tough, you support and look out for one another. You lead with a servant’s heart.

As you know, we’ve had to close our three branches, and seven site locations to be part of the effort to flatten the curve of the spread of covid-19.

We’ve continued some of our operations. Thank you for maintaining your membership to help us through this difficult time as we continue our important work. To hear the entire message, please play the video, or click here.

  • We have a person at our Welcome Centers fielding calls and supporting residents that live upstairs from our Pittsfield branch.
  • We are completing our annual pool maintenance now, instead of closing the pools down in the summer.
  • We are deep cleaning and freshening up various areas of the buildings.
  • Through city partnerships, we’re offering grab-and-go breakfast and lunch to kids in the community.
  • We are planning our spring and summer youth programming.
  • We’ve continued to provide Child Care because we believe it's an essential function necessary to keep the community thriving.
  • Seeking approval to continue offering Child Care to community employees providing Emergency services in accordance with state guidelines.
  • To stay connected to all of you, our fitness staff will be posting videos of workouts you can do from home
  • Ee are reaching out to our seniors and other members that we know could use a friend during this challenging time.
  • We will be offering some ideas to keep your kiddos engaged during this time.

All of these resources will be available through our Facebook page, some on our YouTube channel. We miss you! These buildings are not the same without you."

March 20th, 2020