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The Berkshire Family YMCA's Pittsfield branch has partnered with Berkshire Community College to host their Summer Day Camp at the Paterson Field House. Campers start and end their day at the Y. Transportation is provided. Berkshire Community College is located at 1350 West Street, Pittsfield MA 01201.CAMP TODAY: A FOCUS ON YOUTH DEVELOPMENT Today, day camp is more vital than ever. To deliver on the Y’s commitment to nurture the potential of every child and teen, day camp programs now more intentionally foster achievement, relationships, and belonging. Achievement, relationships, and belonging are essential dimensions of well-being that the Y can cultivate through day camp: • Discovering skills (achievement). Campers experience achievement when they try different activities, learn what they like, and discover what they are good at. • Building friendships (relationships). Campers have the opportunity to form healthy relationships with other children, caring adults, and role models, which helps them feel good about themselves and learn to get along with others. • Finding a place to belong (belonging). Campers connect through significant camp traditions and rituals that create a sense of belonging, so they feel included, accepted, and part of a community. With this emphasis on achievement, relationships, and belonging, day camp at the Y is more than a mechanism for keeping kids busy during the summer; it is an opportunity for Y staff to intentionally develop youth. Parents and caregivers have the immense responsibility of teaching their children the values they feel are important. Day camp provides an environment, role models, and activities that promote character development. The four core character development values that the Y strives to teach follow: • Caring—Show a sincere concern for others • Honesty—Be truthful in what you say and do • Respect—Follow the golden rule • Responsibility—Be accountable for your promises and actions

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