Did you know that no one is ever turned away from the Y due to inability to pay? This special promise means that every child and family will have an opportunity to participate in the Y regardless of their household or personal income. This remarkable commitment by the Y is made possible by the generous contributions of our members and friends who, like you, believe in the Y’s ability to help strengthen the lives of kids and families in our community. The first Y in the United States opened on December 29, 1851, in Boston, Massachusetts. Since its inception, the Y has offered physical, educational and spiritual opportunities for both children and adults.

The Y continues this tradition today. The YMCA targets the well-being of young people, families and communities through first class programs and activities.

Y experiences help children develop valuable skills, gain confidence, and build self-esteem. Each of these programs help young people develop important values such as honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring, which serve as the foundation from which good decisions can be made for the rest of their lives.

While the economy appears to be improving, there is still significant need for support. Our goal is to provide financial assistance to kids and families from our community so they can experience the positive values and sense of belonging made possible by the Y, and we need your help to achieve it. Each year, the Y provides more than $300,000 in financial assistance to families in the community. Your gift does more than help kids get involved-it serves as a call to action to others who recognize your devotion and commitment to the Y’s mission:

  • A child become comfortable in the water, overcome their fears and could save a life.
  • A single mom have peace-of-mind knowing her child is building character and life skills through youth sports and the Y’s core values: Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.
  • A senior enhance connections, decrease a sense of isolation, and improve overall well-being.
  • A family reconnect after trauma has forced them apart.
  • Send a child to summer camp where he or she will make friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

This is a powerful statement on behalf of the Y and one I hope you can take advantage of. Our Annual Support Campaign, For a Better Us, is one way to do so. To play a part in the postive impact we are making on our community, please consider donating today.


Every day, the Berkshire Family YMCA gives our community the support it needs to learn, grow and thrive. 
From advocacy to volunteerism, disease prevention to fitness opportunities, childcare to swim lessons, everything we do helps strengthen our neighborhood and the people who live here.

But keeping Berkshire County great is a full-time job. Every day, our community faces new challenges that create a greater need for the work we do. And we need your help to do it. Your gift can help Berkshire County and everyone in it shine.

For a better you. For a better community. For a better country.