Develop coordination and overall confidence while you focus on the fundamental building blocks for breakdance, including uprock, transitions, floor work and freezes. Get moving, be physical and express one's creativity through breakdance! The Y's 8-week sessions have expanded to include sessions for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants! Participants should wear tennis shoes and loose-fitting clothes


Level: Choose One
Beginner: Family Member(FM)  $35     --->   Class: Thursday Nights: 5pm-6pm
Beginner: Youth Member(YM)    $45

Intermediate: FM  $35                        --->   Class: Thursday Nights: 6pm-7pm
Intermediate: YM  $45

Advanced: FM  $50                             --->  Class: Wednesday Nights: 6pm-7:30pm
Advanced: YM  $60

Session Dates:   October 17 - December 5, 2018