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Virtual Running program designed for people who are currently looking to add physical activity to their life or new to running and walking. While the program focuses on beginners, all levels of running and walking welcome. This program will have a Private Facebook (FB) Group for participants to share information, content, progress, and goals. All information pertaining to the program will be posted to this FB group. The Running Plans vary in number of workouts per week but can be adjusted to best fit your personal needs. Workouts are meant to be completed at your pace, on your time, and wherever and however you want to complete them. The goal is to kickstart ourselves to healthier lifestyle and create relationships in the process. In a time of social-distancing, we look for others to help us reach our goals. Come be a part of a great YMCA running community!

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race that you can run or walk in any location (your favorite running route, on the treadmill, on the track, on trails, or while running another race). You have the flexibility and convenience of running it at any time of day and at your own pace.

Do I need to register? 

Yes. Although, participation is free of charge, we are asking that you register so that we can add you to our Private Facebook Group! This is how we will stay connected through July. You can register at any time between May 4 - July 2020.

What distance is this race?

We decided to make this virtual race flexible since all lengths of races have been cancelled ... from 5Ks to marathons. So the minimum distance is 5k. The maximum distance is up to you. Let’s see how far you can go! 

When will the race take place? 

Our planned race day is Sunday, July 12! That day not work for you? No worries. You can run your race anytime between then and the end of July. You want to run it on the date your race was supposed to take place. We use the honor system. We will create a pop-up Facebook group for registrants to share photos from their run. 

How do I report my results? 

We use the honor system. Most people post their results in the private FB group set up for this event. You can also email Brandon to share your results. If you don't want to report your time- no worries!! This program is designed for you to make it what you want and live a healthier lifestyle.


No need. This program and group is totally FREE!! Take it as far as you would like - and make some friends in the process!