We take personal safety very seriously. Please note:

Doors that access fitness areas and the Youth Lobby are locked. Members and childcare parents are granted access. Due to recent school tragedies, our accredited childcare and downtown licensed school-age programs are also locked for children’s safety.

We have 20 cameras located throughout the YMCA building to monitor activities.

We scan our membership database twice a year for certain criminal offenses.

The Y’s residential program has 44 efficiency studios for individuals. All residential applicants MUST pass CORI and SORI checks and meet income eligibility guidelines. Berkshire Housing (413-499-1630 x110) manages the residential program.

In 2011, we installed lighting on Melville Street to improve visibility.

The Y has the designation of a Drug-Free School Zone imposing stricter penalties for certain offenses.

An employee is available at the Welcome Center 24 hours a day.

Our staff is certified and/or trained in topics such as CPR, First Aid, child abuse prevention, sexual harassment prevention.

Our changing rooms offer many lockers to secure your belongings. Bring your own lock or borrow one from the Welcome Center.